My goals…5 years

This “blogfolio” was created as a result of an assignment in my faculty role seminar class. One requirement of the assignment is to include scholarly and service goals. So let me talk a little about my 5 year goals.

It’s hard to look at the 5 year plan of your life when you are buried deep in the work of getting through PhD course work, plus working a full time teaching gig and serving in a leadership position at the college.  But I do have some ideas about where I want to see myself in those areas.

As far as my scholarly goals, I intend to be finished with my PhD and its research by 2018. I am still not sure what my research will look like, but there are 3 things I want to look at- to survey programs around the country to see what their practices are regarding pre-briefing, development of a framework and pilot testing it. Once I finish my PhD,  I anticipate a transition into a different teaching setting. I may have to then develop more concrete research goals depending on the type of institution I wind up at. I hope to continue my trajectory in simulation research, nursing education research and be part of the establishment of standards and best practice in regards to pre-briefing.

My lifelong dream is to write to disseminate and bring research to nursing education practice.  Before I ever thought of becoming a nurse, I was an English major. I loved to write and realized at one point, I could write in any profession. As a result, I hope to see myself published in ways that are not just research based journals, but in ways like this blog and perhaps even in a column in a journal. I hope to have opportunities to present material at conferences as I go along in my pathway.

My service goals include increased presence in organizations that support nursing education, simulation and technology in nursing education. Once my life becomes more manageable, I would like to pursue leadership positions in these organizations. I would like to continue to be involved in textbook review and eventually be involved in writing some chapters.

My life 5 year plan includes personal goals, too. I hope to see myself relocated to a new location- with more sunshine and closer to the ocean. I would also like spend the year after my PhD is finished to train to climb Mt Rainier. Well, to Camp Muir. With a guide.  Another personal goal is to hike the Pacific Crest Trail with my husband.

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