Goals, continuing…

The last post was very focused in response to an assignment requirement, however things happen and life makes you look at the future differently.
I wrote those goals with the assumption that I would continue on in academia. I hope to continue in nursing education in some form or shape. But often my tunnel vision keeps me from seeing all the opportunities out there for me to shape and support the nursing profession, using the skills and talents I have.

My skills and talents include the ability to teach, teach well, I think. To support and mentor others. To embrace innovation and find ways to integrate it into my practice- that’s obvious through my simulation interests and development of informatics curriculum. I think I am a pretty good leader- that is I am very self-reflective (I have been told some times, “too self-reflective!”) and aspire to a servant-leadership approach at my best. I have to take the time to reflect on these and other strengths occasionally and be open to all the different ways I can use these skills and talents.

I will admit I am looking forward to a sunnier climate in the future. But who knows where the future will take me.

I recently updated this site (even more) with some examples of my simulation academic work. Mostly “homework” I feel pretty good about. Enjoy.


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