Another overdue update!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but that’s only because I have been busy! I am working at Virginia Mason as a Education Program Manager . It’s a job that is a little bit of everything, but mostly a chance for me to use my simulation knowledge to support the development and improvement of training and education here.

As for my academic pursuits, I am continuing on the course. I am going to be a pilot case for WSU’s School of  Nursing PhD by manuscript approach. Here’s my proposal in a nutshell:

Aim and Research Questions
The overall objective of this PhD by manuscript is to develop a survey to collect and evaluate data on the prebriefing practices of pre-licensure nursing programs in the United States which will to inform nursing education practice. The first manuscript will be a principle-based concept analysis that will explore prebriefing in the literature. Based on these findings, a survey will be developed that includes both quantitative and qualitative questions. It will be distributed to pre-licensure nursing programs in the United States that are using simulation in their curriculum. The second manuscript will address quantitative findings. The third manuscript will address the qualitative findings.

Purpose: To explore the simulation prebriefing practices (including preparation) of pre-licensure nursing programs in the United States.
1. Assess current practices in simulation prebriefing within pre-licensure nursing programs in the United States.
2. Better understand the activities that occur in the pre-simulation period within pre-licensure nursing programs in the United States.
3. Determine how nurse educators in the United States are preparing their pre-licensure students for simulation-based learning.
4. Assess for alignment in prebriefing practices with the recommendations in the INACSL Standards.

At this point, I am finishing up my first manuscript and preparing to format it for submission. I will then work on a draft of my survey in preparation for my prelims in March. After that it will be fast and furious as I get through IRB and try to get the survey out before the academic school year ends. I am hoping to collect data this spring, summer and some of fall. My goal is to defend in Spring of 2021. Wish me LUCK!


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