Prebriefing is STILL important!

It has been a while since I’ve posted- which is how I pretty much start every post here. I think I will someday really get to dedicate time to this site, once I finish school (maybe in a year?) and I can focus some good energy here. I am working on a post based off of a presentation I did recently, but I have other priorities.

Such as:


Which is happening this week. So I am supposed to be working on my slide deck, but I needed a break. Here’s my abstract:


And a really important update I should also make: I have a new job! I am now the Director of Simulation for the University of Washington School of Nursing! Which is an amazing opportunity! I am less than a month in, and working to figure things out as our university (and the nation) moves all education online for at least the rest of this academic year. So right into the fire! But I love a challenge and I cannot say enough positive things about the dedicated faculty and support staff, along with University and SoN administration. We are all in this to ensure students are supported and have the opportunity to learn.

But now I am thinking/developing a prebriefing approach to online and virtual simulations in response to the shift in our educational delivery methods.

OK for real: I am working on my Prelim Defense slide deck. And on that note, I will sign off. And hope to be updating this site again someday! I am officially a CATDOG. (WSU student- Cougars, UW Staff- Huskies) Also known as a #cougsky