Just call me Dr. Cougsky

So I did it! I finally finished my PhD. I successfully defended my dissertation, entitled: “A survey of simulation prebriefing practices in prelicensure nursing programs in the United States” on May 21, 2021. It’s pretty amazing to be done and feels a bit unreal.

Among my many post-grad to-dos, updating this blogfolio is on my list, and my resume. And getting my other two manuscripts published. What? What manuscripts you say? Well, I may have mentioned this before, but my dissertation was the 3 paper approach. I wrote my chapters as stand alone journal articles. One has already been published:

Ludlow, J. (2020). Prebriefing: a principle-based concept analysis. Clinical Simulation in Nursing. In Press. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecns.2020.11.003

(that’s weird to see my OWN name in citation format!)

My other 2 articles are the findings of a national prebriefing survey with almost 300 responses from prelicensure nursing programs. Very interesting information came out of this survey- and a better understanding of the faculty perspective of prebriefing and preparation.

Now that I am done with school (a 7 year journey, BTW) I plan to rest my brain for a bit. Focus on my work (aka my day job), and get myself grounded again. But that doesn’t mean I am done. OH no, expect more from me!

But for now— GO COUGS! GO DAWGS!

Coug (WSU) + Dawg (UW) = CATDOG (or “Cougsky”!)

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