My Scholarly Pursuits

I am currently a nursing PhD student at Washington State University. I have looked at best practices and evidence based methods of applying simulation in nursing education such as The Standards of Best Practice by INASCL and the guidelines put out by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. While prebriefing is considered an important aspect of simulation design in these standards, there are no theory-based models available for nurse educators to use when developing simulation learning experiences for their students. My research goal is to design and pilot test a simulation prebriefing model based on cognitive load principles which will increase germane load and manage the limited working memory of nursing students who participate in simulation learning experiences. I will use a revised version of a cognitive load measurement tool which has been previously used with nursing students in simulation (Josephsen, 2018). I will compare the cognitive load of nursing students who receive the cognitive load theory based model of prebriefing to those who receive a conventional prebriefing. In addition, I will do some reliability testing of the tool.

Josephsen, J. (2018). Cognitive Load Measurement, Worked-Out Modeling, and Simulation. Clinicsl Simulation in Nursing. V. 23, p. 10-15.

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