My Scholarly Pursuits

I am currently a nursing PhD student at Washington State University. I am beginning to explore my research topic and assemble a committee. As I have been developing a simulation plan for our institution I have been reviewing the simulation literature, looking at best practices and evidence based methods of applying simulation in nursing education such as The Standards of Best Practice by INASCL and the guidelines put out by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Although pre-briefing is included as a required element, in my review of literature, I have seen a lack of a framework and guidance for the development of pre-briefing in simulation. I am also interesting in studying the effect of pre-briefing on anxiety and clinical judgment outcomes of nursing students in simulation. Part of my work will be the development of a pedagogically sound framework for the pre-brief content and presentation. I plan to compare students who have this very specific structured pre-briefing and those with minimal preparation.