Preparing a 3 hour lecture for undergraduate students.

Many of my blog posts are just class assignments I felt pretty good about and want to share. This one is a discussion board response to the prompts in italics for my faculty role seminar class.

What suggestions do you have for effective lecture preparation (you can share your own experience if you want):

My first response would be “Don’t do it!” Lecturing is a very effective delivery method of content and some research shows students benefit from the lecture approach with higher achievement test scores in some settings (Schwerdt & Wuppermann, 2011). On the other hand, most proponents of adult learning theory will tell you that lecture in the “sage on the stage” model, is not as effective with the adult learner, especially if delivered in a 3 hour block as this discussion prompt requests (Lowe, 2011).  The adult learner is able to “pay attention” in about 20 minute blocks which presents challenges when, as we in nursing often have to do, there is a large amount of information that must be presented- as in this case, within 3 hours (Lowe, 2011).

So what is the solution and the advice to the novice educator? Continue reading “Preparing a 3 hour lecture for undergraduate students.”