My Teaching Effectiveness

Comments from Student Evaluations

Preceptor class feedback (taught 2016-2018):

Fall 2015 N100Y:

Please comment on qualities, skills, and/or knowledge that either contribute to this instructor’s effectiveness or need to be improved/developed or cause difficulties.

Jocelyn is so passionate about teaching it’s great. You can tell she comes with tons of experience and is very organized and knows the subject well. I do think that expectations should be more clearly communicated to the class but especially to other clinical instructors. In skills testing each instructor tests differently depending on who you get, this is not a judgement on Jocelyn but I do think she can have a hand in making skills testing more uniform for students. I especially enjoyed her oxygenation lecture and demo and all of her tips on making things more efficient and easier on the patient. I hope to have her in future quarters for skills lab.

Jocelyn gives great examples each lab day for the skills that we are there to learn, emphasizing key items she has seen students forget/miss in the past. Her lectures are concise without feeling abbreviated.

Very organized and knowledgeable about the material and lab flow. This makes lab easier. Only thing that could be better is more consistency between instructors when testing.

The best instructor ever. Even if I can’t form question correctly she understands what the issue is just by glancing and always ALWAYS! has very specific clear full and concise answer. I sincerely enjoy asking Jocelyn questions and learned from those conversations more about nursing practice and logic than from any course material. Jocelyn has also very impressive ability to stay cool and go with the flow, no major issue, every problem has a reasonable solution, no conflicts. I feel very comfortable in her class. One of the best instructors by far.

Great camtasias! I also appreciated how they were in multiple formats – i know you are busy, and so are we. so if we email you, and it isn’t urgent (according to your standards of urgency), a reply is still nice. Usually because several other people have the same question and we still want to know – it would be VERY helpful if all the links of videos from evolve could be downloaded – even more helpful would be a word doc with all the external links (you tube, pictures and not evolve etc) vs putting them on the page. Saves hours copy+pasting to save for my own reference sake – post charts as documents (vs in module) because then we can freely save as well.

In the beginning of the quarter, she was very helpful and the information was delivered clearly and effectively. For a couple of her later classes, she seemed not very motivated to teach (maybe she didn’t particularly like those lessons?) It caused a bit of confusion for the class and was a little stressful to get our bearings. Demonstration of how a lab test for med admin I and II would be greatly appreciated, so we have a visual of exactly how we are to be tested. Also, standardization between the proctors on what paperwork they want us to bring would be nice. This could perhaps be remedied by a pre-test meeting so all the proctors are on a (at least) similar page.

Comment: There are always challenges with testing and keeping faculty objective and consistent. I also remind students that each instructor will approach the skill differently but that students are always measured by the same objective checklist. The recommendation for a pre-test meeting was useful. This quarter I was mentoring a new faculty and taking on new faculty chair responsibilities and I realized by these comments it may have had an effect on my teaching.

Fall 2015 N102Y:

Jocelyn has worked in the lab for a while, she knows the lab and skills well and is able to teach us effectively and allows for open communication by encouraging us to bring questions to lab so we can discuss them further.

She really knows her nursing procedures and is on top of everything in a timely manner!

Perhaps it’s because we’ve had her for three quarters now, but she is awesome. She knows what she’s talking about and she’s organized, even though everyone had to move to a whole new building this quarter. Everything is awesome!

She is laid-back and makes lab interesting

Jocelyn is just great. Always clear in what she expects. VERY approachable. She gives us a great balance between no-nonsense and serious and fun and relaxed learning environment. She is in school and we can definitely tell that she is becoming more and more knowledgable in the field of nursing.

The best.

Good way of utilizing many resources to help us learn

Very instructive, enjoyed her teachings.

Jocelyn has been essential to my success and well being in the program.

Fall 2015: Nursing 222

From the initial experience in N100 through now, Jocelyn’s animated and professional attitude has both invited and challenged my nursing skills. She never made me feel uncomfortable or pressured. In fact, she offered practice and confidence. She is definitely on of the highlights of my ADN education at Bellevue College. I hope to keep learning with her as I pursue my BSN.

Jocelyn has always provided ample time to assist in student learning. She has always provided a welcoming, calm, and safe learning environment to flourish our learning.

Jocelyn was a very encouraging, informative and overall wonderful instructor to work with these past 6 quarters. I felt my educational needs were always a priority and she sought out opportunities she knew her students

Fall 2015:Nursing 450

What things about this course or instructor worked well for you or helped you learn?

I liked all the content and links provided in each module. Especially the videos and lecture links. I only used the book for the quizzes and got most of my learning from the content Jocelyn posted in modules.

There were a lot of different types of assignments and learning material, it wasn’t all the same type of learning material for each module.

The assignments were varied. I like that I was forced to use new applications for creating charts, etc.

I appreciated the hybrid course and the every other week class time. It made it a bit easier to continue my education while working at this same time.

Jocelyn was organized, enthusiastic, fair, and informed.

What things about this course or instructor did not work well for you?

I didn’t like those first assignments. They were frustrating. The and the other one where we had to make posters/charts. I don’t feel like I learned anything but how to be frustrated with those 2 assignments.

I didn’t feel like directions on assignments were very clear and examples weren’t the most helpful because I didn’t feel like I fully understood the assignment to begin with. Expectations were pretty clear on the grading rubric, but directions on how to do the assignment weren’t. (Especially for the infographic and workflow diagram).

The amount of links to follow, articles to read, videos to watch for each module was tedious. I would have preferred to watch one video lecture and have one reading, rather than 10 little things to do for each module. It was very time consuming and many of the links/videos were not worth the time to find and open them.

I felt the patient app assignment was excessive. It seemed like the assignment was given three different ways. I felt overwhelmed with all the external links in the modules. Too many! The book was helpful, but it would be great if the instructor could upload pdfs for the required chapters (if possible).

Was this class worth your time, effort, and resources you invested in it? Why or why not?

I didn’t get what I could of gotten out of this class due to being in 3 other classes. It was too much to have 4 classes at once and this class became annoying because I didn’t have time to really get into the assignments or care about the material. Though I found the material interesting, I didn’t have the time to put forth the effort I would’ve liked to and so I didn’t get the most out of this class.

It was, but it could have been better. I think it will evolve into a more efficient class, once things are compiled a little better. Having to look at many different things for one lesson was not efficient enough for me.

Yes. It helped my understanding of HIT.

Would you take another class from this instructor?

Yes, Jocelyn is awesome. Loved her in the ADN program and loved her for this class as well.

Yes. This instructor is great with students. She’s very warm and welcoming and it makes for a very open and comfortable class. However, there was not much face to face class time in this class so that didn’t matter as much.

Yes. Jocelyn was very knowledgeable about HIT and her passion for the need for ever evolving technology in healthcare was evident.


Comments: This was the first time this class was offered the first quarter of the RN-BSN Program instead of the last and the difference in student’s abilities to manage the type of assignments the class had was evidence by their comments. I planned to review and revise the assignments to meet the needs of the first quarter RN-BSN student, and to be more clear in expectations. In addition, we have revised the entire program to create a more reasonable course load for students.