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Preceptor class feedback (taught 2016-2018):

Bellevue College

Fall 2015 N100Y:

Jocelyn is so passionate about teaching it’s great. You can tell she comes with tons of experience and is very organized and knows the subject well. I do think that expectations should be more clearly communicated to the class but especially to other clinical instructors. In skills testing each instructor tests differently depending on who you get, this is not a judgement on Jocelyn but I do think she can have a hand in making skills testing more uniform for students. I especially enjoyed her oxygenation lecture and demo and all of her tips on making things more efficient and easier on the patient. I hope to have her in future quarters for skills lab.

Jocelyn gives great examples each lab day for the skills that we are there to learn, emphasizing key items she has seen students forget/miss in the past. Her lectures are concise without feeling abbreviated.

The best instructor ever. Even if I can’t form question correctly she understands what the issue is just by glancing and always ALWAYS! has very specific clear full and concise answer. I sincerely enjoy asking Jocelyn questions and learned from those conversations more about nursing practice and logic than from any course material. Jocelyn has also very impressive ability to stay cool and go with the flow, no major issue, every problem has a reasonable solution, no conflicts. I feel very comfortable in her class. One of the best instructors by far.

Fall 2015 N102Y:

She really knows her nursing procedures and is on top of everything in a timely manner!

Perhaps it’s because we’ve had her for three quarters now, but she is awesome. She knows what she’s talking about and she’s organized, even though everyone had to move to a whole new building this quarter. Everything is awesome!

Good way of utilizing many resources to help us learn

Jocelyn has been essential to my success and well being in the program.

Fall 2015: Nursing 222

From the initial experience in N100 through now, Jocelyn’s animated and professional attitude has both invited and challenged my nursing skills. She never made me feel uncomfortable or pressured. In fact, she offered practice and confidence. She is definitely on of the highlights of my ADN education at Bellevue College. I hope to keep learning with her as I pursue my BSN.

Jocelyn has always provided ample time to assist in student learning. She has always provided a welcoming, calm, and safe learning environment to flourish our learning.

Jocelyn was a very encouraging, informative and overall wonderful instructor to work with these past 6 quarters. I felt my educational needs were always a priority and she sought out opportunities she knew her students

Fall 2015:Nursing 450

What things about this course or instructor worked well for you or helped you learn?

I liked all the content and links provided in each module. Especially the videos and lecture links. I only used the book for the quizzes and got most of my learning from the content Jocelyn posted in modules.

There were a lot of different types of assignments and learning material, it wasn’t all the same type of learning material for each module.

The assignments were varied. I like that I was forced to use new applications for creating charts, etc.

I appreciated the hybrid course and the every other week class time. It made it a bit easier to continue my education while working at this same time.

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